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Important Questions About Senior Living Communities

We have the answers you need.

How do I choose a retirement home?

When considering if it is time to move yourself or your loved one into a retirement home or community, there are several factors to take into consideration. Everything from individual healthcare requirements and budget for the location needs to be taken into consideration. However, perhaps the most crucial aspect of choosing the right retirement home is making sure the community you’re looking at is a right fit for you or your loved one. Be sure to visit retirement communities in the area you would like to learn more about. Contact those facilities and be sure to ask questions specific to your care needs and community expectations. With a little bit of leg work, you’ll be able to find the right fit.

What should I look for in a retirement home?

What you should look for in a retirement home comes down to a few basic things: location, accessibility, community, and affordability. Again, it is highly encouraged that in-person visits get arranged to determine if the facility is a good fit for you or your loved one.

How much does it cost to live in a retirement community?

Typically, the average monthly rates for a retirement community range between $1,500 and up to $6,000. Some facilities even cost more than $6,000! However, location, health care needs, and individual accommodations all play a role in the cost of living at a retirement community, so the cost is largely specific to the individual, their savings, and the insurance they are enrolled in. Oak Grove Inn is happy to answer any of your cost of living or billing related questions. Call 1-334-215-8881 and we will be able to help.

What are the different types of nursing homes?

There are several different types of nursing homes. Each type has its own specific purpose and care focus. It is also common for elder care communities to have several different types of living options at their facilities and at Oak Grove Inn we offer two different types of “nursing homes.” For seniors who want an active lifestyle and want to live in a community with their peers, the best option is Independent Living. Independent living typically involves living in an apartment or townhome setting. Assisted living is a senior living option that combines apartment-style housing, organized social interaction, and private duty support services as needed. Healthcare services are typically required for those in assisted living and it is a great option for individuals who need assistance with bathing, dressing, transportation or have health issues such as Alzheimer’s.

How old are people in retirement homes?

The average age of those living in retirement homes has decreased over the past few decades. This means retirement homes have actually gotten a little younger and as such, most communities have started offering more actives and outings that gear towards that younger retirement community.  The age ranges for people living in retirement communities typically hovers around the 65 years of age or older but each community has differing standards but the right time to enter depends largely on the individual.

What care does a nursing home provide?

The care a nursing home provides ranges from everything from meal preparation to entertainment, shelter, and health care. Nursing homes also provide a community of peers for seniors to live with and offer social interaction that can often go missing with some seniors who are later along in life. Nursing homes and retirement communities help seniors remain active, healthy, and happy.